Envisionit Stock Lending Solutions (ESLS)

A true pioneer in transformation within the securities lending industry, ESLS is South Africa’s first and only independent, black owned and black operated securities lending business. Backed by Envisionit Capital Solutions and Peregrine Securities guarantees totalling R200m, we are known for our ability to locate sought-after stocks and innovation with our in-house developed online borrowing platform. Designed to cater to the growing scrip lending appetite of local hedge funds, our clients also include stockbrokers, equity structuring desks and the country’s top retail scrip lending desks.

As we grow our assets under management, we plan to continue to lead the transformation of South Africa’s securities lending industry and financial services industry at large.

Envisionit E-Escrow (

As South Africa’s foremost and only black owned and operated independent escrow service provider, Envisionit E-Escrow was founded to facilitate and secure online and real world transactions. We make it our business to protect our client's interests. Whether you are a corporate running a multi-million rand IT project or an individual selling a bicycle, E-Escrow ensures payment on delivery. E-Escrow takes the risks out of buying and selling. Our software has been designed by industry experts to offer secure, simple escrow solutions. Parties to a transaction, contract Envisionit E-Escrow as a trusted third party to mitigate the financial risks associated with day-to-day purchase and sale transactions. Transactions with us are simple, safe and secure. We ensure that buyers get what they paid for while sellers and service providers get paid timeously.

Visit to de-risk your next transaction.

Envisionit Investments

Envisionit’s proprietary private equity, equity structuring and funding book has concluded bespoke structuring solutions and provided advisory services for complex structures and transactions which typically involve equity and funding components.

We assist clients with:

  • Equity linked funding and private placements
  • Listed BEE funding
  • Capital raising (Listed and Unlisted SA companies)
  • Collateralised mezzanine debt funding / finance